18Oct Report from Austria of latest meeting of FI with Cardinal

Cardinal Schönborn has recently met the four board members of the pfarrer-innitiative (PI), who are priests of the archdiocese of Vienna, for a second meeting concerning the Appeal for Disobedience. First the priests had to answer the questions handed over by the Cardinal at the first meeting last August: concerning the ‚communio‘ with church and participation in the process of renewal of the archdiocese of Vienna „Apostelgeschichte (The Acts oft he Apostles) 2010“. The Cardinal took notice of the answers. Then in this meeting it was made clear that the PI with its appeal does not place itself outside of the church as was stated by some bishops immediatly after the publication of the appeal. That is very important for the PI, because there were some accusations of being disloyal or splitting the church. The four priests made clear that they would continue to involve themselves with their parish communities in the process „Apostelgeschichte 2010“, as they had already been doing. Although they are missing important questions and issues in this process. Finally the priests expressed their expectation that the Austrian Catholic Bishops Conference will start a new dialogue with the people of church about the future of the Church: by continuing the „Dialogue for Austria“ which took place 1998. Or by using the platform of the Congress of the parish councils of Austria. Or by initiating any other synodal process. Cardinal Schönborn took notice of these suggestions. The meeting was also attended by the professors for sytematic theology, Jan Heiner Tück, and for pastoral theology, Johannes Pock, from the Catholic Faculty of the University of Vienna, the Vicar General, Nikolaus Krasa, and the head of the Pastoral Office of the Archdiocese, Veronika Prüller – Jagenteufel.

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  1. Fr S

    Very sad news of the death of an inspirational man and priest.


    Brave, uncompromising, holy, a presence of Christ on earth and, like the Austrian priests, disliked by the Vatican. When you read Dean Brackley’s life story – then compare it with these overdressed Vatican scavengers – you know exactly where Christ is, and it isnt the Vatican.

    Rest in peace, Dean, and may the poor welcome you into eternal rest.

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