30Nov 30 Nov. Wednesday of the First Week of Advent

A Paradise created by the Spirit

30Nov NBSCCC Diocesan Reports

Combined summary table from the NBSCCC Diocesan Reports

Pádraig McCarthy

30Nov Liturgical Resource for Celebrants

The Liturgical Resource document below is based in the 1998 IECL  Euchariustic Prayers

It contains

  1.   The Ordinary of the Mass from the Offertory to the end.
  2.   A selection of Prayers over the Gifts
  3.   Prefaces for use through the year
  4.   Eucharistic Prayers 1, 2 3, 4, 5; Reconciliation 1 & 2 and one of the Eucharistic Prayers for Children.


The whole document fits into a 60-pocket display folder and gives the celebrant all that he needs at the altar.

The list of contents is at the end of the file.

Download the 1998 ICEL Eucharistic Prayers (PDF)

29Nov 29 Nov. Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

A Living Spirit

28Nov 28 Nov. Monday of the First Week of Advent

Vision of a Golden Future

28Nov Statement from the Association of Catholic Priests in response to Archbishop Martin’s interview on Morning Ireland: Nov. 28th

Statement from the Association of Catholic Priests in response to Archbishop Martin’s interview on Morning Ireland:  Nov. 28th


The Association of Catholic Priests welcomes the comments of the Archbishop of Dublin on Radio this morning.
We are glad that … Read the rest

28Nov New Irish language translation of Missal

The new English translation of the Roman Missal has, understandably, been getting much attention.

The new Irish language translation was also introduced on the same day. The printed version of Ord an Aifrinn arrived in the Veritas store in Dublin just two days before that. Perhaps those who took part in celebrations in Irish (from any part of the congregation!) would offer their reflections.

Pádraig McCarthy

27Nov 27 Nov. 1st Sunday of Advent

Theme: Making a new start.  We could begin our new liturgical year by placing our lives in this perspective: Making a new start, with the help of God.

26Nov First Sunday of Advent – Prayers of the Faithful etc

An Opening Comment for Sunday's Mass, short introductions to the readings and sample Prayers of the Faithful are provided to help the hard-pressed presider (with page numbers given to help find the way around the new Missal); this page can be printed out and read by the presider.

26Nov 26 Nov, Saturday of Week 34

End of the present Series