23Nov Access to media coverage of the Reynolds/RTE case

The Irish Catholic this
week leads with a story on Br. Dillon and has extensive coverage of the
defamation case against RTE, including an article from the Dillon Family.

Wednesday Nov. 23nd

*Irish Times:  Government orders inquiry into
RTÉ libel of Reynolds  http://bit.ly/tx45Cb

Tuesday Nov. 22nd

*Irish Times:  RTÉ says
it cannot disclose terms of libel deal  http://bit.ly/uOkke1

*Irish Indep:   Defamed
priest: Govt launches probe into Prime Time

FM: RTE authorities should face consequences Fr Reynolds http://bit.ly/u6pCMN *RTE
News:             Government
orders inquiry – 1st
story, 2nd story same page   http://bit.ly/uEvK08

RTE Director
General Interview – 22 mins 22 sec.  http://bit.ly/udns9q

*Vincent Brown: Panelist Fr. John Guiney – IMU President  http://bit.ly/uDNJag

Monday Nov. 21st

*ACP:                   RTE v.
Fr Kevin Reynolds: who was doing the preying?  http://bit.ly/v1KRIl

*Irish Times:  Media accused of ‘anti-priest’
bias http://bit.ly/w0gHqM

*Irish Indep:   RTE urged to reveal who accused Fr Kevin
Reynolds    http://bit.ly/sJMAet

*Irish Catholic:  RTÉ’s double-standard on Fr Reynolds case      http://bit.ly/ssR5No

*RTE News:        FF / Ronan Mullen on Reynolds case. (Move to 6 mins 30) http://bit.ly/rqs09o


Nov. 20th

Sunday Indo:  RTE acted shamefully
towards Fr Reynolds  http://bit.ly/tGUWlz

Journal.ie:      ACP accuses RTÉ of insincerity over Fr Reynolds
apology http://bit.ly/rC7vF5

Central: Wronged Irish priest says
life was horrific http://bit.ly/rNKo7L

.com                Catholic
priest organization slams Irish media bias

ACP:               RTE v. Fr Kevin Reynolds: who was doing the preying? http://bit.ly/v1KRIl

*RTE News:   Solicitor
wants source of Fr Reynolds claims http://bit.ly/uZkRRC

*Sun Indo:     ’Driven out of priesthood, parish,
my whole world had collapsed’ http://bit.ly/vwuHSv

Nov. 19th

Irish Times:    RTÉ’s
Credibility on line in Handling of Reynolds Libel.  http://bit.ly/tSFuSw

broadcasts in wake of libel finding ‘unfair’

Irish Indep:     Bitter lesson for RTE in
Reynolds’ libel case. http://bit.ly/si6dnA

boss to be quizzed by
TDs over priest libel http://bit.ly/tPW54L

Bitter lesson for RTE in Reynolds’ libel case.

ACP:                     Press Release
On Bias in Media  http://bit.ly/tUOz95

Irish Examiner: Priests criticise RTÉ over Reynolds broadcast  http://bit.ly/sPYYFH

Nov. 18th

Pat Kenny Interview Podcast: http://bit.ly/OmYNo
(Click RTE/Fr. Kevin Reynolds Case)

RTE News:     Fr Kevin Reynolds, RTÉ defamation case settled. http://bit.ly/v9Sdqh

in Four criticises RTÉ’s false allegations.

Irish Indep:     Sackings ‘not the way’ to handle botched
broadcast – RTE http://bit.ly/uj2oiR

Daily Update:             FR. KEVIN REYNOLDS CASE SETTLED BY
RTÉ  http://bit.ly/sMWFYA

Herald:           Cash-strapped RTE face €1m priest libel bill.  http://bit.ly/vn9APZ

Irish Central: Irish
missionary priest wins massive libel damages http://bit.ly/vu1hHo

Nov. 17th

ACP Web:       David Quinn congratulates Fr Kevin Reynolds and the ACP http://bit.ly/u434Bd

Six One News: Report
on Settlement http://bit.ly/s9IMbr  (Move cursor to 17 mins.15sec)

ICN:                Broadcasters apologise for false
accusations against missionary http://bit.ly/rTlEMc

Journal.ie:      RTÉ apology to priest in High Court “a wake-up
call”  http://bit.ly/uYhcFe


2 Responses

  1. Eddie Finnegan

    Thanks ACP and IMU for this compendium.

    On Vincent Brown’s TONIGHT: Nice to hear Vincent kicking off with his own little apology for his bias on Friday last.

    Nice, too, to see Breda and Patsy fighting it out again on “how we got to this pass”. They’re both right: we get the media and bishops we deserve, maybe.

    Fr Guiney (IMU President) and Senator John Whelan – both sound panelists.

    I fully agree with Brown and McGarry on the watchdog that hasn’t barked day or night since last May: the RTÉ Authority. I wonder what Terry Prone will have to say about that on PK’s round-up of the week on Friday morning.

  2. Eddie Finnegan

    Good to see things falling into place with most of the right people being stepped aside, if not down. Relieved to see Tom Savage has got his Board together: some older heads can learn without rolling.

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