18Nov Five Questions the Irish Missionary Union are asking RTE

1. Why it decided to broadcast the false allegation when its reporter had been told that the alleged abuser would undergo a paternity test to prove his innocence?

2. Why it chose to confront the priest in public view on church premises after Mass on a First Communion day?

3. The legal advice it was given before it broadcast the false allegation?

4. What means it used to try to verify the allegation made by the person who made the complaint in Africa?

5. What disciplinary action has or will be taken against those responsible?

3 Responses

  1. Sean og

    Need to stay the course for this one.

    A country-wide petition might be the way.

  2. Rory Connor

    To the Irish Missionary Union. I am pleased that you are putting pressure on RTE but the truth is that you are dealing with an anti-clerical organisation that behaves no differently from anti-Semitic or racist groups. Anti-clericalism is NOT a morally acceptable form of hatred that is somehow superior to other types.

    Have a look at the topic in http://www.Politics.ie called “RTE Settles Defamation Case”. The following is the text of comment no. 121 that describes the atmosphere of the “Mission to Prey” programme insofar as it refers to Fr Reynolds. (It’s not my comment by the way.):

    I put that edited excerpt onto YouTube. I would remove it immediately if I thought it was doing any damage whatsoever to Fr Kevin Reynolds. The reason I put it up originally was partly because RTE removed the original broadcast from their site, an action I perceived to be an attempt to lessen public objection in seeing the clip in the light of Fr Kevin Reynold’s complete innocence.

    I wanted people in particular to see the devices used in the program, the foreboding music, the shaky camera view of Fr Reynolds saying Mass, the barbed wire shot outside the church, the utter fabrication of the mother of the Kenyan girl’s testimony, if indeed she was even shown a picture of the man prior to telling her story, and especially, especially how they show the Pope, as if with an ‘evil smile’, waving to crowds while the menacing music begins again. This program is laced with agenda.

    It is so discouraging to see the repeated recurrence of commenting that ‘heads should roll’ at RTE. This means nothing. In fact, the defamation damages probably mean nothing to RTE either. As I believe one poster pointed out, RTE may well have ‘libel insurance’. One of the real travesties in this matter, apart from the grievance done to Fr Kevin Reynolds, is that RTE will undoubtedly skulk away from having to answer the real killer question – why they did this. I think leaving that video on YouTube is a reminder for people not to be so gullible as to fall prey to these devices again when used in that sort of sensationalist manner.

    This is precisely how an anti-Semitic broadcaster would depict Jews! So keep on the pressure but don’t assume that RTE made an unfortunate mistake and will do better in future. I suspect that the next thing on their agenda will be how to get revenge on the Catholic Church for their humiliation!

  3. damhlaic magshamhráin

    Friends of mine (including my brother) have spent their lives
    in the service of Kenya peoples.

    I am outraged on their behalf by the stupid lies told by Aoife
    Kavanagh and the idea that RTE will retain her on the payroll.

    The question must be – How can we accept as true any reports
    by a person shown to be a fraudster?
    And why should we continue to view programmes made by a fraud

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