22Nov New Translation of Eucharistic Prayers

The Eucharistic Prayers in the new translation pose a particular challenge for congregation and presiding celebrant, particularly with average sentence length of 35.4 words. Many priests make small changes for pastoral reasons as they go along. It is not so easy when faced with difficult text. Since we’re faced with this new translation, some may like to see a lightly “tailored” version of the four Eucharistic Prayers (entirely unofficial and unauthorised!).

The tailoring shortens some of the long sentences, and changes wording at a very minimum level to facilitate prayerful proclamation without causing confusion. None of the congregational acclamations are changed. Word changes which can be implemented during proclamation – for example, inclusive language in EP IV – are not included in this tailored version.

The PDF document can be found at https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B8j-Wgo_U2GJZTExNzU5MTItYTczNi00MDg2LWEyYWEtZjlkNTc4NzUyNTA4

Pádraig McCarthy

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