18Dec 18 Dec. 4th Sunday of Advent

Theme: What God does for us is greater than what we do for God. And yet he is pleased by our desire to serve him through good works.

17Dec Two Christmas reflections – Pádraig McCarthy

"A Nativity Play with a difference"; and "G K Chesterton on Santa Claus!"

These are two Christmas items I find help to see the Nativity, and even Santa Claus, in a fresh light.

Pádraig McCarthy

17Dec 17 Dec. Saturday of the 3rd Week of Advent

Of David's Royal Blood

17Dec Another Digital Story of Christmas

This is the link to another digital version of the Christmas Story.  Hope it will be of help to some people.  (And who said the ACP were only interested in attacking bishops!!)

Chick here

17Dec 06 Jan. 2012

Epiphany: The Star Of Bethlehem

16Dec A model which could help the Assembly of the Irish Church?

How does one proceed with an Assembly involving a wide spectrum of the Catholic Church in Ireland? The process used by the We the Citizens movement could be worth considering.

16Dec Modern Media version of Christmas

For those interested in a modern media version of the Christmas Story.

We are indebted to Paddy O’Kane (Derry) for this link

Click here

16Dec 16 Dec. Friday of the 3rd Week of Advent

The Price Of Growth

15Dec 15 Dec. Thursday of the 3rd Week of Advent

John's Austerity

14Dec ACP Meeting at Marianella, Orwell Road on Tuesday December 13th 2011

This, the last of our regional meetings before the New Year, was one of the most vibrant ACP meeting that I have attended.  There was a sense that people felt they were free to say it as they experienced it, and that led to a very interesting and stimulating exchange of views.

Read the report here.

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