11Jan Priests out of Ministry

A small number of us priests who are out of ministry because of boundary issues realise that we can get through the sense of isolation and exclusion by being companions to each other.

This group is well on the way to organising a viable support group. They are in a fruitful dialogue with the Irish Episcopal Conference and CORI.  They are in the process of establishing and Advisory Board.

If you experience a need for support or companionship, we invite you to contact the ACP leadership to express your interest, so that you too may share in developing further a model of support that meets our needs.

One Response

  1. Donna Linton

    I am a bit concerned about the effectiveness of an organisation that hides behind words. If you are out of ministry because of ‘boundary issues,’ please just state that you are out of ministry because you have sexually abused a child. The open nature of this wording, ‘sexually abused’ and whatever words and actions that follow from it, will allow for the strongest/healthiest foundation for a group interested in wrestling with the consequences of such a history. God bless you.