20Apr An opinion poll is a snapshot of reality, not a call to revolt

There are some people commenting on the ACP Opinion Poll who do not seem to understand what an opinion poll is, and who interpret it as a list of demands about the way the church should be: they see it as a type of disloyalty or rebellion. Pádraig McCarthy explains...

20Apr A Plea for Reform from a Lay Woman

The present debate is certainly inspiring people to begin to think out their position in the Church in a way that they may not have done before, and to state it publicly.  This time Martina Killeavy takes pen to paper.

20Apr A View from the Pew: Jo O’Sullivan

This is a beautiful piece sent to us by Jo O'Sullivan.  In the midst of the debate in which we are involved Jo calls us back to some of the very basics of our faith.  Thank you, Jo, for this.

20Apr April 20th. Friday of 2nd Week of Easter

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