28Apr US Bishops sought open discussion in the Church in 1995

This is a very interesting short piece sent to us by Des O'Donnell OMI.  It show that the U.S. bishops were open to discussing the sort of issues that Irish Priests are now being silenced and censored for; indeed they were prepared to go much further.

28Apr Malcolm Reville reflects on dialogue within the Church

When I tried to send a comment on 22nd May the ‘capptcha code’ got me, and the message was lost. Now that Brian D’Arcy has been censured I think it is important to re-send the post about ‘Dialogue within the … Read the rest

28Apr Jo O’Sullivan suggests where the Church may be headed

Jo O'Sullivan has put pen to paper again for us, and she looks at one possible vision of the future of the Church, what might happen if all those who think differently to the Magisterium on certain issues have either left or been driven out.

28Apr 28th April. Saturday of the 3rd Week of Easter

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