13Apr Kerry priests react to Tony Flannery news

At a meeting of the Kerry Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) held in Killarney on 13 April, dismay and concern was felt and expressed at the treatment of Fr Tony Flannery.
As priests we have long known and valued Fr Flannery’s mission work in the diocese and his contribution to the faith life of the people of the diocese.
On a daily basis we are meeting concerned lay people who are surprised and disturbed at what they would consider the harsh treatment of a man who brought God alive amoung them.

One Response

  1. ger gleeson.

    Limbo, churching of women after childbirth, no innocent children who were female could serve Mass, and finally, the treatment of those misfortunes who committed suicide and thier families… This all happened in the Old days. The above insults, to the laity and particularly women, were unforgiveable. Now those in Rome continue to dictate how we should live our lives, and continue to treat women as second class members. Lord forgive them for they no not what they do.