10May “The Vatican v American Nuns” — Richard Rohr OFM

In this article, Richard Rohr OFM is very strong in his critique of the Vatican over their action against the American Religious.

Fr Richard is a Franciscan priest of the New Mexico Province, USA.

See http://richardrohr.wordpress.com/


10May Paul’s Eucharistic Challenge, by Wilfrid Harrington OP

This article, sent to us by Wilfred Harrington, deals with the major issue of priesthood in the Catholic Church. He gives an exegesis of the Scriptural basis for our teaching on ministry.

10May The Vatican’s Fundamental Problem, by Eddie Molloy

This article was sent to us by Eddie Molloy, who attended the gathering on May 7th and spoke from the floor.   Dr. Eddie Molloy is Director, Advanced Organisation Management and consultant to numerous Catholic institutions. He has had a great deal of experience of working with different sections of the Church, including the bishops and religious congregations.

10May 10th May. Thursday of the 5th Week of Easter

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