20May American priests support ACP statement

Dear Fr. Brendan,

Your statement is clear, concise, sincere, and invitational rather than confrontational.  Thank you for the clarification.  This is a great service to the enterprise of dialogue so dear to the Fathers of Vatican Council II fifty years ago.  It is more about opening pathways of communication than about nailing down every issue with absolute pronouncements.  It is more about embracing the world in which we live than shutting it out.  It is more about raising the proper questions than about exacting answers that admit of no discussion.
The gospel says that we are not to be afraid to speak.  Speaking up should not immediately be interpreted as dissent and disloyalty.  One can speak up out of love and concern for the unity and good of the entire Catholic Community as well.  Both your concern and love are evident in your very eloquent statement.
As the chair of the Association of United States Catholic Priests, I and all our members can benefit and learn from your leadership.
Fr. David Cooper AUSCP

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  1. Jane Murphy

    I would also like to express my gratitude for Fr Brendan Hoban’s clarification on behalf of the leadership of the ACP, re what the ACP stands for now. His article is a clear indication of the focus of the ACP and it is very much in keeping, I believe, with what the Catholic Church stands for today.
    Working with the media is a skill, and while many of you may have lots of ability in this area, nonetheless your message and theirs is often at odds.
    We remember you in our prayers this Communications Sunday.
    Having you own website is such a wonderful service to so many- priests and laity.
    On it we are constantly updated, renewed and encouraged to engage in a dialogue which is respectful and constructive. For me it is the voice of hope in the catholic church today.
    Keep it up.
    Looking forward to your regional meetings where again we can meet as the people of God striving to bring unity, communion and pride back to our Catholic identity and faith.

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