04May ACP leaders comment on the ‘Mission to Prey’ report


“The Association of Catholic Priests notes the report of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland on the Prime Time Investigates programme, Mission to Prey.  It confirms the belief we have had from the beginning that this programme was seriously at fault in its treatment of Fr. Reynolds. We wish to thank our legal team for their great work in so successfully defending and restoring Fr. Reynolds’ good name.  And we wish him well in his future ministry.”

2 Responses

  1. Rory Connor

    When the Association was first founded, I wrote to one member saying I thought there would be a need for TWO Associations – one to defend falsely accused priests and another to promote the “liberal” agenda. I am pleased to see that I was very much wrong – in relation to Fr Reynolds anyway. However I have recently noted the contrast between your numerous articles AND comments on the Vatican censures etc and your minimal coverage of the Reynolds case. The Association now seems to be devoting less attention to it than are the anti-clerical media that created the atmosphere of hysteria which made “Mission to Prey” possible in the first place! No comments yet on THIS particular article but several supporting Fintan O’Toole – who is noted for his support of falsely accused priests??

  2. seán eile

    The RTE decision-making process reminds me of Mr Bush and Iraq. Obviously the bottom line was at the top of the page. Note the link:

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