05Jun Irish Times series ‘Catholicism Now’ attracts mixed reviews

Pádraig McCarthy collates comments on the Irish Times series on 'Catholicism Now' in the week beginning 2 June.

He writes: 'So far,  I’ve found nothing surprising, except where they’ve got it wrong. Here are a few comments, maybe useful if it comes up in discussion. The Irish Times is not good at accepting and publishing corrections. Your relevant comments welcome. — Pádraig McCarthy.

05Jun The Church risks destroying its own mision

Richard Rohr OFM writes on the misuse of power in Romania and in the Roman Catholic Church.

This post is to be found on his blog:  Rochard Rohr: Unpacking Paradoxes

05Jun Jo and Saoirse debate the Church’s future

In April and May 2012, Jo O'Sullivan and Saoirse debated the future development of the Church on these pages, with Jo contributing articles on which Saoirse submitted incisive comments. The whole debate is given here.

05Jun 5 June. Tuesday of the 9th Week

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