07Jun Magisterium’s clock is stuck in 1965 — Sean O Connaill

Sean O Conaill describes the Spirit of Vatican II, a phrase people use without any idea of its real meaning. He observes that that the magisterium’s clock is stuck in Curial fear of any Catholic assembly it cannot control and manipulate. He regrets that an ocean of tears has been shed in consequence

07Jun Thirty five Kilmore priests attend ACP information meeting

Brendan Hoban and Tony Flannery from the ACP leadership team both attended the recent information meeting held in Cavan for Kilmore priests, a new departure for the ACP. They found what they call "a remarkably positive attitude towards the Association" among Kilmore priests.

07Jun Catholics frustrated with their Church should ask God’s help

Fr James Martin SJ posted this 'Prayer for Frustrated Catholics' on 6 June 2012 on the group blog of America magazine:


(posted here by Pádraig McCarthy)

07Jun 07 June. Thursday of the 9th Week

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