24Jul Report on meeting of Steering Group for Lay Association (ACI)

This is the report from the latest meeting of the Steering Group working at setting up an umbrella Lay Association. This contains the proposed name of the association, a draft Statement of Objectives, and outlines a period of discussion before final decisions are made. The hope is that as many as possible will get involved in the discussion, both here on the website and at the ACP regional meetings in October.

24Jul Can Christianity Be Saved? A Response to Ross Douthat: Diana Butler Bass

This, taken from the Huffington Post, challenges the commonly held assumption that liberal Churches are in decline and that conservative or traditional Churches are thriving. It is a very interesting article

24Jul Will the Catholic church still be standing in a few generations?

This is a provocative piece from the National Catholic Reporter.  As always, comments will be welcome. Would you agree of disagree?

24Jul Brendan Butler on the topic that ‘shall not be mentioned’!

At the risk of being labelled a 'heretic' or 'schismatic' Brendan Butler of We Are Church takes up the issue of the ordination of women

24Jul Community Dedicated Ministry: Teresa Mee

Community Dedicated Ministry
I sometimes wonder why, in our public prayer and through Religious periodicals, we are seeking to promote Religious Life as a form of dedicated Christian ministry without at the same time seeking to promote the other forms … Read the rest

24Jul July 24. Tuesday of Week Sixteen

Widen the Family Circle