28Jul Another Redemptorist in the firing line! Brendan Butler

Couldn't resist putting this up!!  We thank Brendan for his contributions to our website, and indeed to the wider debate on Church issues in this country.  Brendan is one of the leaders of We Are Church.

28Jul The Reform of the Roman Rite by Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth

Andrew Wadsworth is a significant figure in the introduction of the New Missal, and, one could say, a right hand man of Pope Benedict in these matters.  This article is a little dated, but some people have been interested in it, so we have decided to put it up.  It is a long article, but you will find his critique of the Croke Park Mass at the end of the Congress particularly interesting.

28Jul Joyce McMillan: Cast the beam from your own eye.

The appointment of Philip Tartaglia as Archbishop-elect of Glasgow does not give any great hope to those of us who wish for a new style of leadership in the Catholic Church.  He has already got himself into hot water over a very injudicious insinuation about the death of a Scottish MP.  In this article, taken from The Scotsman newpaper, Joyce McMillan pulls no punches.

28Jul July 28. Saturday of Week Sixteen

Covenant and Justice