26Aug 26 August. 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Married Holiness

26Aug 21st Sunday Ordinary Time

OPENING COMMENT FOR MASS: We gather as people who have chosen to serve the Lord, chosen to walk the Christian way. We worship God who leads us on — and ask for strength to continue as we have begun.

25Aug Garda fraud investigation into two company directors dropped

This is from the Mayo Advertiser of August 24th, written by Toni Bourke. It finally clears the name of two people against whom allegations of wrong doing were made in a Prime Time programme in 2009.

One was Canon Paddy Curran, the now deceased Parish Priest of Castlebar, and the other was Eddie Hoban (no relation of Brendan!).  We are glad to publish this here.

25Aug 25 August. Saturday of Week Twenty

Providence and Prudence

24Aug 24 August. St Bartholomew, Apostle

The Twelve Foundations of the City Wall

23Aug Irish Catholic Mothers: Sean O Conaill

Here Sean raises interesting questions about the impact of the last twenty years or so on the faith of Irish Mothers.  We are grateful to Sean for raising important questions for discussion on our website.

23Aug 23 August. Thursday of Week Twenty

God does not give up

22Aug 22 August. Wednesday of Week Twenty

Defender of the Weak

21Aug 21 August. Tuesday of Week Twenty

The paradox of the lowest place

20Aug 20 August. Monday of Week Twenty

Getting over misfortune and loss