28Aug Priest sacked for deviating from official text.


One of our priests faithful for nearly 50 years of service and retired Lt. Col. of Airforce has been removed from his parish and from all priestly practice for changing a few words in the non-essential prayers of the new translation. Whose next? Why now? why such a death penalty for such a minor infraction? Please check out this website for more information. This endangers us all. iamfrrowe.org    Please pass this on to all who would be interested. Contact me at shumphrey8328@charter.net or 618-623-8328.

Father Steve Humphrey of the Belleville Diocese

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  1. Steve Edward

    I have just seen a video of the priest in question providing information about what he does. He says that ‘it started with changing a few words and developed from there..’ He changes the liturgy depending on what HE has said in HIS homily! Whoooh! So, he is basically calling for a liturgical ‘free for all’. The bishop has been trying to resolve this for FIVE years.

  2. Sean (Derry)

    Fr Rowe wasn’t “sacked” he offered to resign, rather than conform with the teachings, disciplines and doctrines of the Catholic Church. His Bishop accepted his resignation. Far from “changing a few words” of the new translation, Fr Rowe has persisted rewriting and changing the words of the mass for many years, well before the new translation. He has repeatedly shown a disregard for both the old and new translations. “Minor infraction”, I don’t think so.

    As Fr Rowe’s Bishop wrote in a letter to his parishioners, “The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as every priest knows, is the public worship of the Church. It is not the priest’s personal, devotional prayer. All Catholics have the right to expect to experience the same rites and prayers when they participate in the Eucharist. They should not be startled by novelties created by the priest-celebrant”.
    Here is a link to Bishop Braxton’s letter, for anyone interested.

  3. Steve Edward


    The bishop’s comments on this matter can be seen on this link

  4. Jim McCrea

    Rules, glorious rules!
    What wouldn’t we give for
    That extra bit more —
    That’s all that we live for
    Why should we be fated to
    Do nothing but brood
    On rules,
    Magical rules,
    Wonderful rules,
    Marvelous rules,
    Fabulous rules.

  5. Raymond Hickey Bordine

    Considering that Jesus, the Christ, decided to break from the church of his day to encourage people of God to follow him, I must support Fr. Rowe who was making an attempt to make the liturgy both meaningful and personal to the followers of Jesus. The main stumbling block for Jesus with the established religion of his day was its LEGALISM, FOCUS ON DOCTRINE, and DEVOTION TO RULES. Jesus advocated creative freedom, a personal love with the Father through him, and a turning away from formalism and rote worship. As a matter of fact, Jesus told us, “I do NOT want your worship and sacrifices, I want your hearts.”

    Now we have an RCC that demands formalized worship, devotion to doctrine and dogma, and de-emphasizes love of Jesus, the Christ. All of these are the antithesis of what Jesus was trying to encourage. Kudos to Fr. Rowe and others who show his courage, and shame on Bishop Braxton who defies not only Vatican Council II but also the very spirit of Jesus, the Christ.

  6. Fr. Kieren

    Reading Fr. Rowes website, I was reminded of a retreat I made prior to my ordination as a deacon, a well known Liverpool priest of the Passionist order, now gone to the Lord, led it. He was very creative during Mass, and I know that I and my classmates were a little worried about it, especially regarding its validity. But I also remember liturgy lectures whereby we were reminded that the early presiders of the liturgy were also creative in their prayers. Saying that, the Church has now like it or not determined the prayers in the Mass, granted some of these prayers make little sense, but they are the prayers we are requested to pray, say and celebrate. I am assuming that fr. Rowe is following due process and is appealing his suspension, therefore I am a little hesitant to make an opinion on who is right or wrong in this case.

  7. Fr. Kieren

    Just thought of something. It would seem that the Bishop was very open in his discussion with Fr. Rowe. He wasn’t just suspension there was dialogue and the priest decided that he couldn’t accept the request of his bishop. If I remember correctly Vatican II reminds us that it is the bishop who is the guardian of the liturgy in his Diocese. I think that the bishop made perhaps a legitimate request which Fr. Rowe refused, did the bishop have any other option? I think we should be careful in assuming that Parish Priest is automatically in the right and the Bishop is in the wrong.

  8. Kevin

    Don’t know about this story. I don’t particularly understand why the changes last year. Something to do with closer translation to the original in Latin giving more depth – meaning.

    “The Lord be with you….

    And with your spirit.” What is the substance of a human being – ((spirit (pneuma), soul (psyche) and body (soma))

    I still say, “And also with YOU…. ” and gently bow forehead. (I do have a shred of humilty. Just one mind you despite my ‘issues’. 😉 ) Mother Mary recommends this. How She greets each of us and would have us greet each other as fellow creatures, children of God – brothers and sisters.

    Looking to the man before me giving us God’s blessing, acknowledging him as a fellow human being, brother in Christ – and not least his priesthood.

    “You” had sufficient depth and then some. Quite ‘spirit’ually holistic.

    “Con substantial” with.

    ‘That which we call a rose by any other name’, comes to mind in so much of all of this.

    Shaking hands at the peace offering was odd in the beginning but you got used to it and it meant something. If we can’t shake the hand of the ‘stranger’ sitting next to us, however do we begin to truly see him or her as a very real sister or brother in Christ as we all truly are – brothers and sisters.

    Begins and ends in the heart – whatever the language, I think.

    Anyway – beam me up, Scotty ! 🙂

  9. Ger Gleeson.

    The results of another sexual abuse audit has just been made known.
    A Bishop apologises for not handling pervert priests in a proper manner. He states that there were no guidelines (rule book) to follow.
    Fr Rowe has been removed from all Priestly practice because he would not adhere to the rule book. Jesus wept. GOD FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.

  10. Ben

    It seems incongruous that the Heirarchy of the Church did not act in a similar manner to sex abuse as it does to a maverick such as Fr. Rowe even though it appears that he was tolerated for quite some time.
    It seems reasonable that one should follow the Liturgy while saying Mass
    and EVEN MORE REASONABLE to stop SEX ABUSE by clerics !!