04Sep Full text of Cardinal Martini’s interview shortly before he died.

Thanks to the National Catholic Reporter, we are glad to be able to bring the full text of Cardinal Martini's interview.  We in the ACP believe that this is an enormously significant statement, coming from a man of such learning, distinction and spirituality; and the circumstances of the interview make it, in a sense, his last will and testament to the Church. It gives us encouragement and hope in the positions we have adopted.

04Sep The Love Revolution: Paul Burns

This reflection on the need for love in our Church has been sent to us by a former priest in England, Paul Burns.

04Sep 04 Sept. Tuesday of Week Twenty Two

Crucial Moments

04Sep We are Church meeting in Limerick

WE are Church Ireland , part of the International movement  WE are Church , which  is promoting reform in the Catholic Church is now  organising an informational  meeting on our movement in Limerick on :

Saturday , 8th September at … Read the rest