13Sep Meeting about new lay umbrella group held

The ACI Steering Group met on the 4th September 2012. The responses to the recently published ‘Statement of Objectives’ were considered. It was agreed to establish an ACI email address (aci.ireland@yahoo.com) to facilitate further comment by individuals who may not want to avail of  the ACP website facility. Comments submitted via this email address will be treated as confidential and will be viewed by members of the Steering Group only. Those interested in the formation of the ACI are encouraged to submit their comments either via the email facility or using the ACP website.

The Steering Group will be represented at the forthcoming ACP Regional Assemblies in Galway (6th October) and Cork (13th October) at which there will be an opportunity to discuss the establishment of the ACI and to consider the draft ‘Statement of Objectives’.

2 Responses

  1. Margaret Lee

    I am glad to see that such an association is being set up. It is important that people who are really interested in playing a full part within our church have some way of making their voices heard. I hope that the ACI will be truly independent of our present hierarchy who seem to comply mindlessly with whatever comes from our Roman masters. No hope at all, I suppose, of having Roman mistresses?

  2. David Walsh

    A good start. We really have to have patience Margaret. Last week at a Pastoral Conference on “Communion and Co-Responsibility in the Church” under the auspices of the Irish Bishops Conference, we heard an American theologian talk on Vatican II. It gave me hope that more positive changes can still come. Some diocese are conducting real listening exercises and a new national programme on “Sharing the Good News” has potential for more dialogue. The conference was attended by about 200 delegates, the majority lay people and female. It also seemed to be run by women –not ordained but nonetheless having much influence. Our new Association of Irish Catholics can push for more dialogue at higher levels. I know bishops are listening. It will just take time, like all large organisations to achieve change.

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