26Sep An unusual request to ACP members

Tony Flannery asks ACP members to vote for Roisin O'Shea, who "has been very helpful in working for justice for one of our members, and has been generous in offering her services for others that may be in need."

26Sep Why can women not be deacons?

Mary O. Vallely queries the exclusion of women from the permanent diaconate. She believes the Catholic Church has failed to address the vast untapped resource of women, particularly the religious sisters and single women.

25Sep Come to Galway — Brendan Hoban

Brendan Hoban invites you to the Assembly Day in Galway on Saturday, October 6th, with the reminder of the value of days like this.

25Sep 25 Sept. Tuesday of Week Twenty Five

Knowing and Doing

24Sep How Vatican II started

Robert J Nogosek remembers the early days of the Second Vatican Council: the dynamics,  even the power struggles, that were a feature of this Council, which may help explain the contrary nature of some of the contents of the final documents.

24Sep What Archbishop Martin thinks of the ACP

This is a short extract from a long interview with the Archbishop of Dublin in the Sunday Times of 23 September 2012, by Justine McCarthy — and the ACP's response to it.

24Sep ‘Ireland’s Troublesome Priests’ feature on BBC Radio 4

'Ireland's Troublesome Priests' , presented by Ruth McDonald, was first broadcast on Sunday, Sept 23rd at 1.30pm on BBC 4.  It can be heard on iPlayer on the BBC website.

24Sep 24 Sept. Monday of Week Twenty Five

The power of cryptic statements

23Sep 23 September. 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Like Father, Like Son

23Sep 25th Sunday Ordinary Time – Bidding prayers etc

We gather this Sunday to remember the passion and death of Jesus, and to celebrate his resurrection with joy. He calls us to move beyond rivalry and conflict, to be true followers of the Christian way.