27Sep Wedding in France: Can some priest help?

Anna Barwick, of SARL Chateau Rigaud 33350, Mouliets et Villemartin, France writes:

Hello there, I’m hoping you might be able to help me with a rather odd request!

We run a chateau wedding venue in South West France, near St Emilion. We have a Chinese bride of Catholic faith getting married here next year and she is desperate to have her wedding blessed in the local Catholic church. The bride currently lives in London where she is a regular church goer but her family and the family of the groom are spread across the world and in particular in Hong Kong, hence she has chosen a venue for her wedding where the entire family can be together for several days.

Unfortunately the bride’s local priest in London is fairly elderly and unable to travel to France to perform the blessing. He will of course prepare her for marriage and can recommend her for a blessing in the local church and we are able to arrange all of the necessary paperwork with the French church authorities but we don’t have an English speaking Catholic father to perform the ceremony.

Can you help? I wonder firstly if you know of any perhaps retired English speaking Catholic fathers in France or alternatively if you would be able to recommend us to one who would travel to perform the blessing?

The couple are willing to pay for transport and of course make a contribution towards the church for the service. It seems such a shame that at this time we cannot provide this young woman with the blessing that she wants here in France.

Any ideas?