10Oct Arts & Christianity Ireland Conference: Risking Mystery

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E-mail: artsandchristianityireland@hotmail.com

Arts & Christianity Ireland Conference,
‘Risking Mystery’
DUBLIN—Arts & Christianity Ireland will present a one day conference, “Risking Mystery: Contemporary Arts and Sacred Worship” on Saturday 20 October 2012 from 9am to 4pm at the Avila Carmelite Centre, Donnybrook Dublin.
Our conference speakers will survey the topic from a variety of angles. Using a selection of paintings from contemporary artists, Dr. Brian Dooney of All Hallows College will explore how an encounter with contemporary art can restore a sense of mystery in our lives. Jim Malone, Professor Emeritus of Medical Physics at Trinity College with a Masters in Applied Spirituality
from Milltown College will consider the similar pattern of risk and mystery found in contemplative religious experience, arts that inspire and the experience of discovery in physics.
Revd Ric Stott, Methodist minister, artist and art psychotherapist will explore new ways of being church via the creative arts.
The day’s programme includes a performance by the Women’s Choir of All Hallows College with Stefan Andre Waligur; a poetry reading; and a meeting to discuss more about the organisation, membership benefits and the coming year.
For conference information and to register, please e-mail artsandchristianityireland@hotmail.com.
Registration is open to all who are interested in the intersection of faith and the arts.
Arts & Christianity Ireland was organised to nourish as well as to challenge those artists whose works are inspired by Christian themes. We encourage artistic excellence, seek to promote such artworks in the public domain, and look to foster a dialogue with the varied churches in Ireland on the role these contemporary artworks can play in the faith lives of their members.

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