10Oct False Invitations to Bishops not helpful !

It has come to the attention of the leadership team that somebody is sending false invitations to Bishops (Bishop Jones and the Apostolic Nuncio that we know of) using the name and address of one of our members (a parish priest in the west). This is forgery which is a crime. It is also mischievous and unhelpful to our cause. If YOU have any inkling as to who might be doing this please ask them to stop and to have the courage to use their own name if they wish to write to Bishops or to anybody else.
Also, if anyone does this again we will use every means at our disposal to tract them down and bring them to court!

2 Responses

  1. Paul Spencer

    To “tract” them down – I think John Henry Newman would approve!

  2. Mary O Vallely

    “Evangelisation is not a project, but the natural “overflow” of an experience of Christ and his church that transforms lives, giving them meaning and joy …

    If evangelisation is just rallying the troops or just trying to get people to sign up, something’s missing — what’s missing is the transformed humanity that the Gospel brings us.”

    Archbishop Rowan Williams addressing the Synod in Rome yesterday.

    It appears that some person or persons unknown still hasn’t/haven’t got the message that Christ came to deliver. Where is the love and charity, tolerance and integrity of a believer? I am sorry that the PP and others have an extra cross to bear but hopefully the spirit of charity and love will find its way into this person’s heart. What on earth could be the motive and why waste negative energy when there is so much good work to be done?

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