25Oct 25 Oct. Thursday of Week Twenty Nine

A Passionate Heart

24Oct Sean McDonagh and Donal Dorr launch books

Fr Sean McDonagh and Fr Donal Dorr will shortly launch books that focus on Christians' relationships with our planet earth

24Oct 24 Oct. Wednesday of Week Twenty Nine

Prepared for his Return

23Oct Open meeting of the ACI to coincide with ACP annual meeting

The ACI (Association of Catholics of Ireland) is to have an open meeting in the course of the ACP's annual meeting, sceduled for 9-10 November in Dublin's Regency Hotel

23Oct 23 Oct. Tuesday of Week Twenty Nine

All One Family

22Oct Theologians issue ‘Statement of Authority’ in the Church

International theologians have issued a Statement on Authority in the Church; they encourage readers to visit the website and sign the statement (at end of page)

21Oct Mission Sunday (29th Sunday) — Bidding prayers

On this Mission Sunday, we seek to answer the missionary call to spread the Good News to the world. We  remember missionaries, who spread the Christian message. And, each day, we praise God’s constant care for all people and ask for continuing support.

21Oct 21 Oct. 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Unselfish in Service

21Oct 22 Oct. Monday of Week Twenty Nine

The Hidden Failings of the Well-off

20Oct 20 Oct. 2012, Saturday of Week Twenty Eight

Hope, Founded on Faith

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