12Nov Don’t deny the chalice to the laity!

Rosaline Redican believes everyone should be invited to receive from the chalice at every Mass and asks why the bishops have not followed through with their teaching in 1998 that this should be the case.

12Nov People in power in the Church should ask themselves ‘Could I be wrong?’

Jo O'Sullivan attended the first meeting of the ACI (Association of Catholics in Ireland) on Sat 10 November. When the meeting was disturbed by a man worried about the direction the movement was aking, she found herself reflecting on her own view of the Church

12Nov Is the ACP in danger of adopting ‘Group Think’?

Seamus Ahearne appeals to ACP members to take responsibility for the church at local level

12Nov New Mass translation disliked by US priests and laypeople

Pádraig McCarthy draws attention to an online survey taken by America's U.S Catholic magazine which reveals widespread dislike of the new Mass translations (full report here)

12Nov 12 November. Monday of Week Thirty Two

Firmly Planted