27Nov 27 November . Tuesday of Week Thirty Four

When will the Last Day come?

26Nov Senior Swiss churchman calls for empowerment of the laity

Christa Pongratz‑Lippitt of The Tablet reports on  Abbot Martin Werlen's proposals, which aim to end the 'turf wars' between conservatives and progressives in the Church.

26Nov 26 November. Monday of Week Thirty Four

Unconditional Love

25Nov Solemnity of Christ the King – Bidding Prayers

We celebrate the feast of Christ the King today, acclaiming Jesus as our king, the one who died for us and rose triumphant. We offer praise and worship - and ask for the grace to live as worthy citizens of his kingdom of justice, truth, love and peace.

25Nov 25 November. 34th Sunday. Feast of Jesus Christ, Universal King

Royal Witness to the Truth

24Nov Motherhood, birth, healthcare, abortion: Ireland can set a new standard of care

Pádraig McCarthy offer a comprehensive overview of the beginnings of human life, problems in pregnancy and the questions facing us following the death of Savita Halappanavar — and comments on the media treatment of her death.

24Nov 24 November. Saturday of Week Thirty Three

Neither marrying nor giving in marriage

23Nov 23 November. Friday of Week Thirty Three

Purifying Our Inner Temple

22Nov 22 November. Thursday of Week Thirty Three

Tested in Fire

21Nov Vilification of abusers won’t contribute to solution

John C Seitz reviews CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: GENDER, POWER, AND ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE by Marie Keenan, in which she maintains that vilification or dismissal of abusers won't contribute to the solution. His review is in the current issue of the National Catholic Reporter

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