31Dec The Church needs mystics

Sean O'Conaill reviews the latest book of Richard Rohr, titled "Immortal Diamond:  The Search for Our True Self".

31Dec December 31, 2012 (Monday). 7th Day in the Octave of Christmas

Last Day of the Year

30Dec The Holy Family — Bidding Prayers

On the Sunday within the Octave of Christmas, Catholics honour the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and ask a blessing on every family.

30Dec 30 December 2012. Sunday. Feast of the Holy Family

Inspiration for Christian families

29Dec New Missal raises more questions than it answers

Michael G Ryan, who had strong misgivings when the new translation of the Missal was introduced, reflects on the new Missal, one year on.

29Dec What’s your opinion of the new Missal?

The Tablet invites you to give your opinion on the new Missal, any day up to Wednesday, 9 January 2013.

29Dec 29 Dec. 2012. Saturday. 5th Day in the Octave of Christmas

The Fall and the Rising

28Dec 28 December. Feast of the Holy Innocents, martyrs

Herod's cruelty. Joseph's dream. God's providence

27Dec 27 December 2012. Thursday. Feast of Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist

Unless the Word was made flesh and lived among us

26Dec 26 December. Wednesday. Feast of Saint Stephen, the first Christian Martyr

“Do not charge them with this sin”