31Jan All the documents of the Tony Flannery case are here

In response to readers' requests, Tony Flannery has put all the relevant documents of his case with the CDF together in one post — to make the situation clearer for those who are interested.

31Jan Petition provided to have Fr. Tony Flannery returned to priestly ministry

Over 1,900 people have now signed a petition to have Fr Tony Flannery returned to priestly ministry.

31Jan 31 January, 2013. (Thursday of Week 3 in Ordinary Time)

God's Promises Fulfilled

30Jan Bishop who attended Vatican II offers his reflections

Our website follower Malcolm R notes that recently there was a post on the website about +Remi de Roo and comments: 'I have the privilege of listening to him every week when he celebrates the Eucharist at Bethlehem Retreat Centre, Nanaimo, when he is not on the road talking about Vatican II. Readers may wish to read his recent talk on the subject, on its 50th anniversary.'

30Jan 30 January, 2013. (Wednesday of Week 3 in Ordinary Time)

God's Mysterious Ways

29Jan Why it cannot be required of any Catholic to take the pope’s declaration as the last word on women’s ordination

The distinguished theologian Nicholas Lash argues that present church teaching on the ordination of women cannot be considered definitive teaching, since it is now a new question being asked for the first time in an era of social equality of men and women.

29Jan 29 January, 2013. (Tuesday of Week 3 in Ordinary Time)

The Smaller and Wider Family

28Jan What pastoral wisdom can we offer in the face of suicide?

Seamus Ahearne OSA invites those who follow this website to share their pastoral experiences of young men dying by suicide

28Jan I felt ashamed of my Church

Brendan's Hoban writes of the shame and humiliation he felt after attending Tony Flannery's press conference on 20 January. (First published in the Western People)

28Jan 28 January, 2013. (Monday of Week 3 in Ordinary Time)

The High Cost of Christian Unity