03Jan ACP proposes agenda for meetings with Priests’ Councils

Most members will be aware that some time ago the Leadership Team requested a meeting with the Irish Bishops, but they replied that they were not willing to meet us and that instead we should meet with the Priests’ Councils in each diocese. We have followed up on that by sending a request to each diocese for such a meeting. We have got a few positive responses, and a number looking for the agenda of the proposed meeting. The following are the issues we would like to discuss with Priests’ Councils:
1. Vocations
2. Procedures for dealing with allegations against priests.
3. Following the New Missal, the impending translation of the Lectionary.
4. Pastoral implications of the current economic situation.
5. The role of priests in the appointment of bishops.
6. The renewal of the Church in this Year of Faith.

Leadership Team ACP

6 Responses

  1. Kevin

    Good for you for following through in the face of disappointments. Birthing pains.

    Good luck with all of it.

  2. Tom Morally

    What a positive start to 2013.
    We are praying that with God’s grace the lines of communication can be opened.
    The Year of Faith would be meaningless if church leaders and priests were to sail through it without talking to each other. We need more than that.

  3. ger gleeson

    Well said Kevin, Tom.

  4. Ned Quinn

    Oh dear God. Not the lectionary too.

  5. John Dwyer Kirwin

    Why don’t we JUST SAY NO to a new lectionary, unless it’s undertaken by those who KNOW, WRITE & PUBLICLY SPEAK the Queen’s English?

  6. Darlene Starrs

    If I would add anything to the agenda: it would be a discussion about the “New Evangelization”…What can we do in our parishes? As well, maybe, a discussion, of the Catholic Directory, “Share the Good News”…….focus being on evangelization and faith development……….what can parishes or parish clusters do? Another point for discussion might be: renewal of liturgy. Oh, my, I found three points……I hope that’s okay

    Here is where the universality of Rome is important today………

    There seems to be universal concensus…….that there is a need for a “New Evangelization”. Even it we can’t find universal concensus, on anythingelse…….that we do.