25Jan Fr Peter Byrne CSsR issues statement

A contributer to this website signed himself as Peter Byrne. Fr. Peter Byrne C.Ss.R. has stated clearly that he is not the author of such comments and wishes to be dissassociated from them.

5 Responses

  1. ger gleeson

    It was I who assumed that it was the respected Redemptorist Fr Peter Byrne, who wrote what I considered, was a despicable attack on his brother Priest Fr Tony. For that I offer Fr Peter my sincere apology and seek his forgiveness. The opening lines of the offending post “Our Redemptorist Constitution” made me believe it was written by Fr Peter. Again I request your forgiveness, and with a contrite heart, will have a mass celebrated for your intensions.

  2. Anne Walsh

    This clarification once again urges me to ask the team leaders at the ACP to reconsider again the way comments are allowed to be put on your website-comments which are often posted under false names or anonymous names.
    I think it serves no purpose or rather it serves a negative purpose.
    Firstly it discourages most of your ACP members and others from engaging actively with the site -that is people who would be happy to be identified and secondly it encourages a level of abuse that is not constructive or helpful to many of the debates.
    Indeed who wants to engage in a dialogue with someone when they have no way of knowing who they are corresponding with or what their agenda is ?
    Surely allowing a dialogue to take place in this way resembles how the CDF engaged with Tony Flannery.
    Need I say more.

  3. Joe O'Leary

    I second Anne Walsh’s plea. The level of discussion would soar if people gave their real names.

  4. Chris McDonnell

    And I would add to that, how about contributors offering their email address. Identity and openness are of great value in honest exchanges.

  5. Peter Byrne

    So…I have the same name as a redemptorist and was quoting from their constitutions.

    I had no intention of attempting to imitate Fr. Peter.