25Feb ACI plan meeting in Limerick on March 1st

The Association of Catholics in Ireland was formed last year out of a growing sense of powerlessness felt by many members of the laity arising from the lack of opportunity for real engagement in the affairs of our church. An assembly, for information and discussion, will be held in the conference room in Mount St. Alphonsus Monastery, South Circular Road, Limerick on Friday, March 1st at 8 pm.
This Assembly / Information Meeting will offer people an opportunity to discuss and share ideas for a model of Church which is inclusive and respectful of differing views. Noel McCann (steering committee of the ACI),will speak about the vision and background of the Association of Catholics in Ireland. All Welcome!

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  1. Des Gilroy

    It is so important that those Catholics who are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, but who have in recent years felt let down by the church leadership, should not abandon their church but should hang in there and work from within for reform and renewal.

    For those who have felt voiceless, as the church lurches from one crisis to the next, the Association of Catholics gives a voice and hope for the future of the faith in Ireland and for greater participation of the laity in how their church is run.

    The ACI is not about doctrinal change – it is about the restoration of the wider Christian family and giving all Christ’s followers a role in the evangelisation which he has invited us to participate in as envisaged in Vatican 11. It is about replacing fear and diktat with the loving spirit and forgiveness of Christ.

    I would encourage all those in the Midwest who want to see their church restored, not as a powerful political or societal institution but as a source of spirituality and love of God and our neighbour, to go along to this Limerick meeting and see how important it is to give all in Christ’s church a meaningful voice and a hope for the future. Spread the word, bring along a friend.

  2. Nuala O'Driscoll

    Renewing the Institution and not the Doctrine is like putting old wine into new wineskins. Church doctrine evolved and was developed by men only excluding half the human race. Hencw we have a male God made up of three male persons, a teaching which was borrowed from Neo-Platonists such as Plotinus (204-270 ad). We need to go back to ‘discipleship’ which is inclusive of women.

  3. Darlene Starrs

    Thank you Des for your words that so rightly emphasize, that the ACI, is about bringing about renewal from within! As well, I would add that the future of faith, in Ireland, is very, very, much, in the hands of the laity and indeed the future of the faith, universally, is in the hands of the laity, no matter, what the “powers that be” may think or believe. I was reading an interview article with Hans Kung given this past week with Spiegel Magazine. Hans Kung is asked: Is there anyone who understands the depth of the Church’s crisis and can see a way out? (Question in reference to a new pope) Hans says: “If we elect a leader who continues on the same path, the Church’s crisis will become almost intractable.” What I believe is happening, if one can put much stock, for instance, in what Mr. Mickens says about the Vatican Imploding……is that as the Vatican is slowly disintegrating, the laity are waking up, “that sleeping giant”, and yes, the future of the Church is with the laity. So, the ACI is doing what is absolutely vital………..the groundwork preparation, for the day, when more authority will be handed over, or picked up by the People of God, who will be less and less clerical. Continue the work, ACI……..Our Church Depends On You!

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