22Feb Large number of clergy attend ACP meeting in Athlone

The ACP Leadership Team provide a brief summary of a very well attended meeting of ACP priest-members on Feb. 20th, commenting that "it would be impossible to do justice to the many great interventions at the meeting".

22Feb Irish dioceses should imitate the courage of Pope Benedict

Mattie Long (a priest of Tuam diocese) admires the courage of Pope Benedict in retiring when he could no longer provide effective ministry. He hopes this act might embolden Irish dioceses to face the dramatic reduction in priest numbers with more visionary solutions than the clustering of parishes.

22Feb 22 February, Friday. The Chair of St Peter, apostle. Feast

St. Peter’s Chair

21Feb A letter from Alan Hilliard to Tony Flannery

Alan Hilliard (a priest of Dublin diocese) wrote this open letter to Fr Tony Flannery as a response to a talk given by Tony at the meeting of ACP priests in Athlone.

21Feb Those who act unconventionally might be best candidates to be bishops — Karl Rahner

The qualities Karl Rahner suggested we look for look for in a candidate for bishop or parish priest are given here by Pádraig McCarthy.

21Feb Second Sunday of Lent – Bidding prayers

Bernard Cotter offers bidding prayers for use at masses next weekend. In his own parish of Newcestown, young people read out the intentions, so they are designed for this. Two young people read three intentions each.

21Feb 21 February. Thursday in the First Week of Lent

Esther's Choice

20Feb Church’s teaching on justice is relevant to how the Church treats its members

Pádraig McCarthy presents the Church's teaching on justice, as outlined at the 1971 Synod of Bishops.

20Feb 20 February. Wednesday in the First Week of Lent

Learning from Jonah

19Feb Legion of Christ’s deception unearthed, indicates wider cover-up

Jason Berry outlines the story of Maciel, the Legionaries of Christ and the Vatican, which gets more and more scandalous by the day. A court case in the U.S. is unearthing more, extremely unedifying material.  (Article first published in the 18 Feb 2013 edition of the National Catholic Reporter)

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