31Mar 31st March 2013. Easter Day of the Lord’s Resurrection

Joy Abounding

30Mar ACP needs to address priests’ coalface issues

Jimmy McPhillips, an ACP member in Clogher diocese, critiques the ACP and its website, and regrets that so few of priests' real concerns are raised: frustration, absence of real leadership, low morale, depression and all the burdens of pastoral ministry. He suggests that ACP members meeting at local level in dioceses and Religious communities might help keep the leadership in touch with these core issues.

29Mar 29 March. Good Friday

It is Consummated

28Mar Pope Francis may end the fear and oppression in the Church

Tony Flannery shares some of his hopes and dreams for the Church after the election of Pope Francis (article written for the Connacht Tribune).

28Mar 28 March. Holy Thursday. Feast of The Lord’s Supper

Entering into the Lord's Supper

27Mar Latin Mass enthusiasts are alarmed at Pope Francis’ election

Brian Roewe surveys traditionalist websites and blogs and detects alarm at Francis' simple approach to the Liturgy (first published in the National Catholic Reporter in the USA on 25 March 2013: read article and comments here)

27Mar Is the ACP an All-Ireland reform movement or not?

Eddie Finnegan asks why so few priests in the northern dioceses engage with the ACP

27Mar 27 March. Wednesday in Holy Week

Saved from Fear and Shame

26Mar Does fear of clericalism keep priests like Pádraig Standún off the ACP site?

Eddie Finnegan probes the non-participation of the vast majority of Ireland's parish priests on their ACP website, and ponders if a fear of clericalism is at its heart

26Mar ‘And don’t forget the poor’

Tony Conry shares his hope for the future of a Church that turns back to the core value of 'the preferential option for the poor' (Tony is a priest of Elphin diocese who has worked for many years in Brazil).