12Mar We need a pope able to think, willing to learn

When asked what qualities will be needed by the new Pope, most Church spokes-men mention holiness as number one.  Here theologian John Wijngaards disagrees. He looks for intelligence, quoting Teresa of Avila, who said that given the choice between a saintly confessor and a good theologian, she would trust the theologian! (Article taken from the NCR website.)

12Mar Is the Church in Ireland silent on the extreme inequality in our land?

Pádraig McCarthy notes the extreme inequality now visible in Irish society, where 1,200 people died as a result of fuel poverty last winter, yet the nation's 300 wealthiest individuals saw their wealth increase massively in 2012. He finds church leaders almost silent on the matter and asks if the ACP should take it up, in line with the our consitiution.

12Mar New pope must address scandal of Legionaries founder

Tony Flannery raises the questions over the protection of child abuser Maciel Degollado which remain unanswered — a major issue that the new Pope will need to deal with if he is to attempt to reform the Curia (article first published in the Irish Times on 11 March).

12Mar 12 March. Tuesday in the Fourth Week of Lent

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