26Mar 26 March. Tuesday in Holy Week

Two who denied Christ

25Mar Why do ordinary priest-members of the ACP not contribute to the website?

Eddie Finnegan analyses postings to the ACP website (articles and comments) and finds ordinary diocesan priest-members in Ireland almost absent from its pages.

25Mar Cardinal Bergoglio will make an interesting pope

Pádraig McCarthy reveals some interesting sides to Cardinal Bergoglio (now Pope Francis), including his teaching on modern slavery and his rapport with children at a diocesan mass for children in 2011.

25Mar 25 March. Monday in Holy Week

Short-termism versus true discernment

24Mar This article may help you understand how the Mass has changed

Padraig McCarthy recommends an online article on the paradigm shift in the liturgy since Vatican II (read it here).

24Mar Palm Sunday – Bidding prayers

A week from now, the Rising Sun will have dawned on Easter Sunday morning. But before we reach that feast, we recall the suffering and death of the Lord, believing his sufferings brought him glory, a destiny we share.

24Mar 24th March 2013. Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

Only Apparent Disaster

23Mar What will become of Austria’s Father Schüller in the new papacy?

The New York Times profiles Father Helmut Schüller, the 'mild but rebellious priest' who was part of the 2011 'Appeal to Disobedience' by 400 priests in Austria. This initiative began with a small group of priests, talking about the problems faced by their parishes, about the lack of successors to take their places, and about the fusing of congregations.

(A version of this article appeared in print on March 23, 2013, on page A8 of the New York edition with the headline: With New Pope, Spotlight Returns to a Mild but Rebellious Priest.)

23Mar 23 March. Saturday in the Fifth Week of Lent

The Great Uniting Force

22Mar Leonardo Boff believes Francis always took the side of victims

Fabiana Frayssinet interviews Leonardo Boff, who dismisses allegations the then Cardinal Bergoolio was complicit in state terrorism in Argentina, saying he always demanded social justice. Boff believes Pope Francis will inaugurate a Church of the third millennium, a church of the poor. (Published by Iglesia Descalza: original story here: English translation by Rebel Girl/IPS)

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