30Apr Important Message to ACP members from our Solicitor

Robert Dore, the ACP's solicitor, advises priests to be cautious about undergoing assessments at the request of their bishops. The ACP Leadership thank Mr Dore for this very important advice — and encourage all our members to pass the word around among priest and Religious friends.

30Apr 30 April 2013. Tuesday in the Fifth Week of Easter

Living in Jesus, our Way of Life

29Apr 29 April (Monday) St Catherine of Siena, Patron of Europe

The Life of St. Catherine of Siena

28Apr Fifth Sunday of Easter — Bidding Prayers

We gather to praise God who raised his Son from the dead. We celebrate this victory over sin and death, and pray for enthusiasm as we try to pass on the Good News.

28Apr 28 April 2013. 5th Sunday of Easter

Learning from Walking and Dining

27Apr 27 April 2013. Saturday of the 4th Week of Easter

Please show us the Father

26Apr 26 April 2013. Friday of the 4th Week of Easter

A Place Prepared for Us

25Apr Bishops were ‘mediocre’, cardinals had ‘modest talents’ – in 1931

Pádraig McCarthy presents an 82-year-old document which contains suggestions for curial reform which are still being made. Read the full document here

25Apr Commitment to the poor must mean improving status of women

Sr Joan Chittister OSB reacts to the Vatican's continuing probing of American religious, something that has even attracted the BBC's curiosity. She believes that the committment of Religious to the poor has to involve changing the role and status of women — even if this brings the charge that they are "tainted by radical feminism" from the Vatican. (First published in NCR: See original article and comments here.)

25Apr ‘Tainted by radical feminism’? More like ‘living the Gospel’, Joan Chittister

Sr. Joan is clearly very disappointed, and indeed angry, at the affirmation of the CDF move against the US nuns by Pope Francis.

Taken from the NCR.