10Apr Croi Nua programme used by over 200 groups in Ireland

Croí Nua is a programme towards renewal in Ireland for adults who are seeking to move forward into a deeper and more informed, hopeful and enlivened faith. It is relevant for women and men who are searching for meaningful faith sharing, either in parish communities or small groups.

The Programme consists of a series of eight group gatherings based around thematic reflective readings. It is recommended that the Programme be conducted within the context of small groups of a maximum of 10 people coming together in welcoming hospitable settings such as homes, parish pastoral centres, retreat centres, etc.

The Programme, written specifically for Ireland by authors who are in touch with the Irish Celtic heartbeat, draws upon the wisdom and tradition of our ancient Celtic Catholic heritage. It also includes insights from contemporary theology and spirituality, in particular the new Story of the Universe. The richness and wisdom of Scripture is woven throughout the Programme.

The Programme Kit consists of the following components:

  • Programme Handbook For Group Facilitators
  • A CD of the reading resources and music for the prayer rituals. The reading materials are presented on the CD in PDF files so that they can be emailed to the participants prior to each session or photocopied for them. (This is to minimize the printing costs of the Programme so as to make the resources more economically viable in these difficult financial times). This CD is located on the back page of this Handbook.
  • A DVD of reflective movies to support and break open the Programme Themes. This DVD is also located at the back of the Handbook.



The Croí Nua Programme combines two elements:

A: Personal Reading And Reflection

The reading resources are made available to the Programme participant’s a week before each Group Gathering to allow time for personal reading and reflection before coming into group sharing and discussion. There will be no time in the Group Gatherings to read the resources. This time of personal reading and reflection is one of the most important aspects of the Croí Nua Programme and for this reason we recommend that the readings be done before the Group Gatherings, thus allowing people time to settle their own hearts and minds around the reading before coming to the Group Gathering.

 B: Group Gatherings: Each of the Group Gatherings run for approximately one and half hours. However, it is recommended that additional time be allowed for supper/refreshments at the conclusion of each Gathering.

• Gathering 1: Introduction of the group members and explanation of the Gathering format

• Gathering 2: Seasons Of Life

• Gathering 3: God Who Journeys With Us

• Gathering 4: The Grace Of Suffering

• Gathering 5: The Heart Of Prayer

• Gathering 6: The Healing Journey

• Gathering 7: Living Faith

• Gathering 8: Conclusion to the Programme and a call to action

 The Group Gatherings will require a Gathering Host / Hostess and a Group Facilitator to lead and oversee the Gathering. Please see the details below concerning these key roles.


The Writers

The following writers have contributed to the reading resources for the Croí Nua Programme.

  • Seasons Of Life: Daniel O’Leary, Hilary Musgrave, Pat Moore
  • God Who Journeys With Us: Daniel O’Leary, Hilary Musgrave, Margaret Silf, Mary Kate Hagan, Pat Moore
  • The Grace Of Suffering: Daniel O’Leary, Hilary Musgrave
  • The Heart Of Prayer: Mark Patrick Hederman, Margaret Silf, Hilary Musgrave, Nellie McLaughlin,
  • The Healing Journey: Mark Patrick Hederman, Daniel O’Leary, Hilary Musgrave, Pat Moore
  • Living Faith: Michael Rodgers, Finola Cunnane, Hilary Musgrave, Nellie McLaughlin

The Group Facilitator

The role of the facilitator is important in ensuring the effective flow of discussion and sharing in the Group Gatherings and in leading the Prayer Rituals in the Gatherings. The facilitator is not expected to give input or provide answers to questions or concerns that may arise within the group discussion and sharing. If people have questions or concerns that cannot be resolved in the group discussion or sharing it would be helpful for the facilitator to refer them to an appropriate person in the group who may be able to assist them. Practical advise and support will be available to the group facilitators throughout the Programme.

The Gathering Host/Hostess

The role of the Host/Hostess is to provide hospitality to the members of the group, offering a warm welcome, a comfortable gathering space and to oversee the supper/refreshments at the end of the Gathering. This supper time is an important aspect of the Croí Nua Programme in terms of the group bonding and informal sharing and conversation that occurs when people share a drink or a meal together. The role of Host/Hostess may be shared by all members of the group, or by several who are willing to host one or more of the Gatherings in their homes.



What Makes The Croí Nua Programme A Valuable Resource?

  • It has been written and developed specifically for the people of Ireland
  • It is in touch with the questions, concerns and issues facing the people of Ireland as a nation, as a Church and as a society
  • Its writers are experts in their field and well respected facilitators
  • It draws on the rich heritage of our Celtic Catholic roots
  • It gives people the opportunity to form themselves and each other by reflecting on reading resources that will inform them, enrich them and challenge them in their spiritual formation and understanding of their own personal faith
  • It promotes by its reading resources and the structure of its group gatherings, opportunities for mutual, respectful sharing and discussion that has focus and purpose
  • It provides in its prayer rituals a new appreciation of scripture and ritual and draws people into the intimacy of meaningful prayer
  • Its music and movies draw people into a reflective and prayerful spirit
  • Its group gatherings foster meaningful relationships through genuine faith sharing that nurture and build real community
  • It is open to anyone and everyone who is genuinely seeking to deepen the faith and enrich their lives


What People Are Saying About Croí Nua

The following comments are taken from the evaluations of participants of the Programme from numerous and diverse groups around Ireland.

“Croí Nua contains the key elements of a renewal programme…If there were to be uptake for the programme nationally it has the potential to contribute to renewal of spiritual life across the board. It has all the ingredients to be a source of inspiration, spiritual growth, and community building. It is an excellent model and I would hope that it will be taken up.” Larne

“I have done renewal courses in recent years and I have had to unlearn a lot and have been in a wilderness, but with Croí Nua I have come home”! Cabra, Dublin

“Croí Nua is blessed and I believe it could play a huge part in the recovery of our personal faith… for me it brought me closer to Jesus as the one true God, ever present in my daily life…” Cavan

“I have a group of women doing the programme and they absolutely loving it. They find it so enriching. The group sharing is wonderful and there is a deep bond developing with the group…” Galway

“The Programme is an excellent opportunity to introduce people to modern writers in small doses!”… Clonmel

“This is an excellent resource…so timely for the people of Ireland…” Cork

“The group were challenged and enlightened by new perspectives from writers who are well respected in this country…” Waterford

“I found the session we did engaging and uplifting…” Crumlin,

“The spirituality behind this Programme is exactly what we need to be encouraging here in Ireland…” Letterkenny

“The quality of the Programme’s reading resources were excellent, very relevant, thought provoking…” Cavan

“I was delighted with the Programme. We were able to adapt it for our people. The feedback from the group has been wonderful. There is so much in the readings that people want to do it again…” Portlaoise

“The reading resources touched the experience of most people…” Sutton,

“The format of the Group Gatherings was well thought out and worked well..” Belfast

“The Group Gathering was a good vehicle for meaningful discussion…” Marley

“We had ten people in our small group and it worked out very well..” Wexford

“Croí Nua is a very satisfying programme…it is so rich it could be repeated so as to draw on its depths! The readings and the groups sharing were truly wonderful. Cabra, Dublin

“The Prayer Rituals were powerful and meaningful in their simple gestures; touching and deeply moving…” Cahir

“I am in the middle of doing the Croi Nua programme with our Pastoral Care Team and they love it. They love the rituals… they speak to them as individuals as well as a group…” Mullingar

“Congratulations on assembling such a rich resource of materials, so well worked out and carrying such coherence…the content touched into something deep inside the participants…” Larne

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