02Apr Meeting with church leaders of the Holy Land cancelled

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. The organisers (sadaka.ie) contacted the ACP on Tues. 2 April to say this:
“I’m so sorry, but I think there’s very little we can do about the scheduling of the meeting – we’ve ended up with quite a hectic itinerary but are delighted to have secured meetings with the Dublin Archbishops and Cardinal. Please could you pass our apologies to your members as we unfortunately have no choice but to cancel the meeting. I hope there will be an opportunity to engage in the future with you and your members on issues of justice in Palestine and the Holy land and thank you for taking the time to arrange the meeting.”

It would have been an interesting meeting. Perhaps another time. But Christians in the Holy Land & Middle East can still do with our keeping them in prayer and before our people.
Padraig McCarthy

2 Responses

  1. Margaret Lee

    Well now! I suppose the delegation was lucky to get a direct meeting with the Archbishops of Dublin and Armagh–it is fortunate that the members were not told to go through the “Priests’ Councils”

  2. Iggy O Donovan

    We should be very grateful that the leaders of the church in the Holy Land took the time to inform us of the fact that the meeting was cancelled. Given their very exacting schedule they had no other option!!!! Perhaps next year.
    Iggy O Donovan