31May 31 May, 2013 (Friday). The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The joy of the  visitation

30May 30 May, 2013. Thursday of the Eighth Week

Reborn in spirit

30May UK Catholics send message of support

The Association of Catholics in Ireland [ACI] has received a message of support to-day from a ‘sister’ reform organisation in the UK on the eve of the launch of the new Irish Catholic reform group.

29May Ireland’s priests will have almost disappeared in 20 years. What then?

Brendan Hoban introduces his new book, Who Will Break The Bread For Us? Disappearing Priests, which names the bleak reality for the Irish Church and calls for an end to denial.

29May Bring the Spirit of Pentecost into Ordinary Time

Chris McDonnell is inspired by the much-published image of Pope Francis with a dove perched on his fingers, and suggests it as an icon for all who would reform our Church.

29May 29 May, 2013. Wednesday of the Eighth Week

Rank and Relationships within the Church

28May Tone of a statement is as important as the content

Brendan Hoban reflects on some of the recent debates in this country (Shatter and Wallace;  the Abortion debate) and points out how some people can undo their contribution by adopting the wrong tone.

28May 28 May, 2013. Tuesday of the Eighth Week

Remembering the Poor


27May Details of ACI meeting announced

The A.C.I. (Association of Catholics in Ireland) have published the programme for their meeting on Saturday next in Dublin. Details may be found in the EVENTS section at the top of this page.

27May Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist takes up case of priest jailed in the US

Dorothy Rabinowitz, an Editorial Board member of the Wall St Journal, describes the trials of Fr Gordon MacRae, currently serving a 33 to 67-year jail sentence in New Hampshire, USA (read original article here ).