04May The poor pay a high price for our cheap clothes

Fr Sean McDonagh SSC reflects on the collapse of the garment factory in Bangladesh, and how where we buy our clothes has implications far beyond what we might be aware of.

04May Abolish the priesthood!

Linda Hogan reviews Garry Wills' latest book, 'Why Priests? A Failed Tradition', in which Wills argues that the most honest position on priesthood would be to seek its abolition altogether, given its lack of biblical justification (first published in the Irish Times: read original article here ). Wills' target is not the 400,000 individual priests, many of whom, he acknowledges, make a significant contribution to the lives of countless millions worldwide. Rather, his focus is on the institution, which, he argues, has a flimsy biblical heritage and a dubious theological justification and is an impediment to the development of a more egalitarian Christianity.

04May 4 May, 2013. Saturday in the Fifth Week of Easter

Tackling what needs to be done

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