08May Influential American Sister to visit Ireland

Sr. Florence Deacon, the President of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), in the US will meet Irish Catholics at a gathering on Monday evening next at the Jesuit Conference Centre, Milltown Park in Dublin.

For further information on the LCWR, click  here

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  1. Ellen

    Good for you! May the Spirit be present with all gathered. Ellen

  2. Darlene Starrs

    Given what happened this week at the Vatican, this will be an interesting evening. I hope those that attend will share with us the substance of the meeting.

  3. Padraig McCarthy

    There is a May 4 speech by Florence Deacon at

  4. Darlene Starrs

    Thank you Padraig for providing the link to the speech of Sister Florence. There are many things, I’m think of saying….some printable and some not. The question that is “pounding on my brain”, though…is Who is the CDF accountable to? Really? Oh, I think, there is so much that goes on that wearies the Lord! While the women of the LCWR are in the hands of the “inquisition”, I’m thinking back to what the Swiss Abbot?,(I just can’t recall exactly who said it) had said, in Rome…..”Unless, you promote women, you might as well forget about the New Evangelization”. (paraphrased) Indeed, I was musing about this, and I think, as long as the hierarchy, continues to stymie the women….the Church will literally become impotent in it’s mission to the world. As we approach Pentecost this week, I will be praying for the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the world and church, and I think, the face ought to reflect more of the feminine! It is well and good, that Pope Francis, is collecting the Church to focus on the mission to the poor, however, in that mission, must be a inpouring and outpouring of women….He may think, that the church concerning itself with the empowerment of women, is cosmetic, but I would say, that it is vital to the existence of the Church and the continuing of the mission, the He dearly protects.

  5. Eddie Finnegan

    At last a woman Deacon in Dublin! Diarmuid Martin, take note.

  6. Clare Slattery

    Delighted that LCWR Frances Deacon is coming to Dublin. Why so little publicity about this? Our American Sisters deserve time and space to have their voices heard. I cannot understand why the Pope has not met them personally before endorsing Benedict’s findings in their regard. Surely they deserve the courtesy and the justice of a fair hearing,of their truth. Why are we women religious here in Ireland ,so silent about everything really? We who pioneered so much in our Church seem to have gone into ‘maintenance mode’ rather than taking a prophetic stance for truth and fairness.
    Blessings on our LCWR Sisters – may Pope Francis Meet You Soon.

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