27May 27 May, 2013. Monday of the Eighth Week

Living life to the full, in the present moment

26May 26 May 2013. The Most Holy Trinity

Not such a remote God

25May Homosexuality and the Bible to be explored in Dublin conference

Kieran O'Mahony OSA is  to present a conference on 'Homosexuality and the Bible' in All Hallows College in June. Full details in EVENTS section (see menu on top of this page).

25May 25 May, 2013. Saturday of the Seventh Week

Young and Old in Community

24May Grief is infinite

Brendan Hoban reviews Julian Barnes' book Levels of Life, written in the aftermath of the death of Barnes' wife, Pat: 'This isn’t a book to be read when grief is raw.... it’s a book to savour when we’re able for it. Like every good book, novel or memoir, it helps us to find out a bit more about ourselves.'

24May 24 May, 2013. Friday of the Seventh Week

Marriages and Friendships that Endure

23May 23 May, 2013. Thursday of the Seventh Week

Primacy of the Hereafter

22May 22 May, 2013. Wednesday of the Seventh Week

Wisdom is not a monopoly

21May 21 May, 2013. Tuesday of Week 7

Welcoming the Children

20May ‘Materialism’ isn’t our real problem: covetousness is

So many Church people today blame 'materialism' for the loss of faith: here, Sean O Connaill suggests that materialism is not the problem, but rather covetous or mimetic desire. The fundamental human need that drives surplus material acquisition is a need for something entirely non-material. Homilists are challenged to reflect this in their words.

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