31Jul In Pope Francis, the smile of God is back

Seamus Ahearne OSA has had his hope restored by Pope Francis — despite all that might depress him in the Irish Church and State.

31Jul 31 July, 2013. Wednesday of the Seventeenth Week

Ready for Radical Choices?

30Jul Sustained media attack on Religious Orders is ‘scurrilous’

Brendan Hoban decries the media circus demonising Ireland's Religious and asks why the public are so slow to defend them. He agrees with the nuns' decision not to give further money to the State.

30Jul 30 July, 2013. Tuesday of the Seventeenth Week

The Way of the LORD’s Covenant

The giving of the Law is reported in Exodus chapters 19-24, but the theological commentary on it (chapters 32-34) is key to the entire Book of Exodus

29Jul 29 July, 2013 (Monday). St. Martha, Memorial

Martha, the Cheerfully Practical One

28Jul 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 28 July (Presider’s Page)

We can ask God for help whenever we need to, today or any day. This Sunday, we gather to worship God who is always concerned for us.

28Jul 28 July 2013. 17th Sunday (Homily notes)

Joined Together in Faith and Prayer

27Jul “Kick up a fuss!” — Pope Francis in Rio

Pádraig McCarthy shares Pope Francis' rousing words for the young people of Argentina at Río: create a disturbance in the Church, he insists, for the sake of the gospel!

27Jul 27 July, 2013. Saturday of the Sixteenth Week

A Covenant of Justice

26Jul Pope Paul’s encyclical banning artificial contraception is 45 years old

Frank Maurovich marks the 45th anniversary of Humanae vitae with a review of the process that led to its publication. He suggests how Pope Francis could resolve the controversy that has raged ever since. (First published in the National Catholic Reporter on 25 July, 2013: read original article and comments here.)