30Sep 30 September, 2013. Monday of the Twenty Sixth Week

Children's Potential

29Sep Religious congregations should lift sanctions on six Irish priests

Tony Flannery calls on the five religious congregations who have members under censure from Rome to follow the lead of Pope Francis, and to act in the prophetic manner expected of religious by removing all sanctions on these men.

29Sep Presider’s Page for 29 Sept (26th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Today’s readings, from the prophet Amos and St Luke, remind Christians that God is on the side of the poor, defending their rights. Those who assemble for Eucharist pray to be on God's side.

29Sep Bishops must shun the dark to follow the leader

Eddie Molloy reacts to Pope Francis' interviews and calls for action in the  Irish Church in response. (Article was previously published in a slightly abridged form in the Sunday Independent).

29Sep 29th September 2013. 26th Sunday of Year C.

Unpacking the Lazarus Riddle

28Sep Pope Francis has given people permission to have doubts

Jo O'Sullivan shares her struggles with the Catholic Church. She dreams that, in the papacy of Francis, ex-Catholics might see that change is possible within this institution

28Sep 28 September, 2013. Saturday of the Twenty Fifth Week

Life's Eternal Possibilities

27Sep The Irish Church refuses to face statistics on priesthood

Brendan Hoban shows that within 20 years a tiny cadre of aged priests
will be struggling to say Masses in a tiny complement of churches. He believes a fundamental re-think on priesthood is required (first published in the Western People)

27Sep The ‘American Way of Dying’ in 2013 reveiewed

Thomas Baker reviews 'The Good Funeral', a critique of the American approach to death and dying (first published in Commonweal on 26 September 2013: read original article here.)

27Sep Pope’s interview reveals a new balance

The Editors of Commonweal welcome Pope Francis welcome what they see as the pope's clear-eyed evaluation of how the Gospel should be preached in the modern world. (Commonweal is an independent journal of religion, politics and culture edited in New York by lay Catholics: read the original editorial of 23 September 2013 and comments here.)