15Sep Presider’s Page for 15 Sept (24th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Our God seeks out sinners to forgive them. At the community's gathering for Mass this weekend, we worship our loving and compassionate God.

15Sep ‘A Question of Conscience’ is not about Tony Flannery but about the Vatican

Bill O'Herlihy, who describes himself as a committed Catholic,  commends Tony Flannery's book  "A Question of Conscience" and finds in it an exposition of how the Vatican and  its constituent bodies deal with people who challenge any of their views. (Given as a talk at the launch of the book at Royal Hibernian Academy on 12 Setpember 2013.)

15Sep Fr. Iggy O’Donovan says ‘goodbye’ to Drogheda

Iggy O'Donovan preached his last homily in the Augustinian Church in Drogheda  on Sunday 15 September: this is an extract.

15Sep Pope Francis writes a Letter to the Editor

Pope Francis wrote this response to an editorial in the Italian Newspaper, La Repubblica — giving an insight into his understanding of the Faith, and what he regards as fundamental.  It also shows clearly that he regards openness to dialogue with all people as important.

15Sep 15 September 2013. 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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