27Sep 27 September, 2013. Friday of the Twenty Fifth Week

Life's Stages

26Sep 26 September, 2013. Thursday of the Twenty Fifth Week

Responses to Confusion

25Sep 25 September, 2013. Wednesday of the Twenty Fifth Week

Sober Encouragement

24Sep 24 September, 2013. Tuesday of the Twenty Fifth Week

Knowing and Doing

23Sep This interview could be the Pope’s first real encyclical

Joe O'Leary praises 'this stunning interview' and hopes for more from Pope Francis. But he wonders whether Francis can implement structural changes that would enable his vision of church to become real.

23Sep 23 September, 2013. Monday of the Twenty Fifth Week

Cryptic Statements

22Sep Presider’s Page for 22 Sept (25th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Christians gather today to worship the Lord of glory, asking for help to be God’s servants before all else.

22Sep 22nd September 2013. 25th Sunday of Year C

Is Lucre really Filthy ?

21Sep Pope Francis is a storyteller who thinks like a pastor

Thomas Reese SJ reflects on Pope Francis' interview: "I have never been prouder to be a Jesuit or prouder of my church or more surprised by the Spirit". (Article first published in the NCR on 19 September 2013: Fr Reese is the former editor of the  Jesuit publication, America.)

21Sep 21 September, 2013 (Saturday). St Matthew, Apostle

Tax-collector and Author