31Oct Can we civilise the Catholic Internet?

Sean O'Conaill notes a tendency in inter-Catholic online discussion to silence opponents by the use of such wild card tags as: 'modernist',
'fundamentalist', 'Protestant', 'relativist', 'heretic'. He asks if the Catholic Internet can be civilised, so that potentially brilliant contributors will not hold back from being part of discussions.

31Oct Dermot Lane commends and challenges the ACP

Dermot Lane offers his thoughts on the ACP in a letter to its annual meeting

31Oct 31 October, 2013. Thursday of the Thirtieth Week

A Hallow-E'en Lesson

30Oct Where does the ACP go from here?

Gerry O'Hanlon SJ reviews the ACP's first three years and suggests future directions (this is the text of his talk at the start of the AGM).

30Oct 30 October, 2013. Wednesday of the Thirtieth Week

How narrow is that final door?

29Oct Three priests added to Leadership Team of ACP

This is the press statement issued at the end of the AGM of the ACP, held on 29 October in Athlone.

29Oct 29 October, 2013. Tuesday of the Thirtieth Week

The yeast that leavens everyday life

28Oct Is Mass, like Confession, becoming ‘the vanishing sacrament’?

Willard F. Jabusch reflects on the situation in Latin America where Protestant missionaries have had more success in establishing congregations than annually-visiting priests (first published in America: read the original article and comments here.)

28Oct 28 Oct, Monday, Feast of Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles

Who were Simon and Jude?

27Oct Has Pope Francis been to SpecSavers?

Sean Duggan points out that Pope Francis gives us a new image of 'sheep' -- not the cuddly, domesticated one, but the smelly animal.  He suggests we must learn to live with 'the smell of the sheep'.