30Nov 30 November 2013. Saturday. Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle

St Andrew’s generous spirit

29Nov 29 November 2013. Friday of the Thirty Fourth Week

Apocalyptic Symbolism: what it means

28Nov Will church leaders rise to the challenge of Pope Francis?

Tony Flannery rejoices in the difference Pope Francis is making in the Church, but fears that local church leadership may not have the capacity to implement the change the pope wishes for.

28Nov 28 November 2013. Thursday of the Thirty Fourth Week

The final vindication of our lives

27Nov Dialogue within the Irish Church may flow from Pope Francis’ leadership

Sean O'Conaill gives a layman's response to Evangelii gaudium. He hopes that the decentralisation that Pope Francis encourages might overcome 'deeply embedded Irish clericalism'

27Nov With Pope Francis, something is stirring….

Pat Moore reacts to Pope Francis' letter, asking if Francis is allowing Christianity to reinvent itself in and through him — at a time when the adventure seems to have gone out of Christianity.

27Nov 27 November 2013. Wednesday of the Thirty Fourth Week

Patience  is a life-saver

26Nov Pope Francis publishes his first letter: ‘The Joy of the Gospel’

The ACP Leadership Team share this brief summary of Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation, Evangelii gaudium, published on 26 November 2013 (taken from the Vatican Information Service).

26Nov 26 November 2013. Tuesday of the Thirty Fourth Week

What is it, that can last?

25Nov Mass Calendar for December, 2013

A monthly Calendar of the Mass readings prescribed for that month.